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  • Diederik van der Boor

    Diederik van der Boor

    What happened to “full stack” development? Django, Containers, Devops and Linux

  • Şaban Ulutaş

    Şaban Ulutaş

    Senior Software Engineer ||| Refactor the life ||| Less is more ||| Great things never came from Comfort Zones

  • Elena Morais

    Elena Morais

    Data Scienist and Pythonista passionate about energy, the environment, and people. I stare at dogs in my free time | website: elenamorais.com

  • forhjy


    42 Seoul cadet

  • Murat Karagözgil

    Murat Karagözgil

    Technical Team Leader @Netmera

  • Hakan Bayraktar

    Hakan Bayraktar

  • Agustin Castro

    Agustin Castro

    I’m a software engineer building quality software for great clients with amazing teams. You can contact me here www.linkedin.com/in/agustincastro91

  • Amar Desai

    Amar Desai

    A jack of all who what to do everything, to be everywhere, be everyone, but doesn’t know what he truly wants https://linktr.ee/amardesai

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